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Since long ago, I only heard the laughter of new lovers
Who has ever heard the crying of old lovers nowdays?
Feeling the love, these two words are so tiring
Do you have to ask me to get clearer answer?
Or do you want to continue to pretend to be confused?
Knowing more or little, however it’s hard to know when is enough is enough

It seems like an affectionate couple of butterflies should not last such an era
However, alas, for whom can take away the sorrow of the world?

A New Dream of An Affectionate Butterflies - Michael Huang
art credit: unita-n @ deviantart


/ Mun contact/HMD
/ IC inbox
/ RP Visualosities
/ Fanmix soundtrack/Abel's favorite songs
/ Character Survey
/ Open application
/ Headcanons
/ AUs + PSLs scenerios
/ RAM and ROM Light Novel notes (coming soon!)
/ Mini FAQ/Opt-out post
/ Mini bio for the canon blind
/ Permissions
/ TLH preferences and kinks + Smut scenerios + Assumed CR guide for memes
/ Special note to those who RPed with me August 2016 - June 2017: About the photobucket nonsense

IC Inbox

Dec. 1st, 2017 11:51 am
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For [community profile] genessia, dressingrooms (yes even bakerstreet or TLH), homeless characters, whether you're a passerby, it's 12am or 3am, my ship is an empty ship. You may leave a voice, text, message, do action tags, etc. For suggesting scenerios, private RP, PSLs, contact me here or PM me.

"Hello there! you reached the inbox of Father Abel Nightroad. Leave a voice-message, text, e-mail, and I'll get back to you ASAP. No matter what issue big or small, I'm here for you!"
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These are music I listened to while roleplaying him. Most of the theme songs are R & B, which is pretty much soul music, and they're the muse's favorite, and by favorite, he would usually spend his evenings singing to the song. My choices because he's really sweet to those he care about.

My radio has a soul, and my soul is a radio )
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Dear all,

Read more... )

So, as a gentle reminder, that if you rather opt-out and not having me tag you, please use this opt-out post. No questions ask or tell me the reason, just dropped in your username will be sufficed.

For offering concrit, there's a HMD post for that purpose.

For roleplaying PSLs with me, and take it to the musebox, please PM me.

That is all, and thank you. In happiness and service to you,

- Pandora Rose
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WIP asdfghjkl incomplete come back later

Assumed CR and Scenerios )
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Lasted update: 6/5/17, still WIP

AUs scenerios )
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These are just my mere notes, speculation, and interpretation and theories basing on what's supported in the canon, namely Mars era!Abel. Just a warning for very *heavy spoilers* basing on the light novels, and including what I think would be the ending to Trinity Blood. If you're new and wonder what you're about to read, then I can say: Trinity Blood is a very strange vampire sci-fi novel.

Pretty much WIP.

The man who fell to Earth )
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Going by canon, but also going by headcannon, this character's memories and experiences (CRAU), and a little bit of this and that with mun's originality/intuition while playing him with others in PSLs/AUs.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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Last updated: 11/4/16

Not finished. Work in progress as I keep finding moar.

The man who fell to Earth )
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Last updated: 1/5/16

Player Name: Pandora Rose
Plurk: Thornheart @ plurk free to add, just PM me who you are
Journal: RP journal [personal profile] thornheart // Personal [personal profile] timeofsilence
Time zone: EST, NYC

Tumblr: [ profile] timeofsilence

Personal musebox: [community profile] midnightparlour, private RP by my invite only, just PM me through this journal, and we can RP anything you want! Yaoi, smut, AUs, or just chilling out.

Other muses currently playing

Detailed general kinklist for all of my characters @ F-list + TLH prefs for reference.
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Written: 9/15/16, last revised 2/20/17.

Originally for [community profile] thewake and was accepted. Now, I left it open.

This preacher likes the cold and when he prays he tell you he's only dreaming of the passing winter )
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Last updated: October.17.2016

1) How to address Abel?
You may call him father, padre, or priest in dialogue or in your tags, as it is canon. However, he is not a pastor or reverend or preacher, as in the anime/manga he's more of an agent of Ax working for Caterina. Therefore, it's not his job to convert anyone, do baptisms, and etc in any given setting unless Abel wants to do because he felt inspired or felt spirituality motivated to serve.

2) Can I ask him religious based questions or quote a bible verse with him? Talk God with him?
Sure, I'll be more than happy to discuss that ICily with you be it your character is atheist, agnostic, pagan, or Christian. Just keep in mind, I know roleplay is a form of fiction, so I believe in good-will that your character is asking him ICily for plot purposes whether they're devout or doubting God's plan for all. So everything he said or believes, it's coming from his character. Abel is predominantly Christian in his beliefs, with agnostic when he's doesn't think about it. If you're not sure, send me a PM and ask or make an outline of what you want to discuss about.

3) I'm not comfortable discussing religious/spiritual subjects with him or roleplay with him.
That's fine, and if we broached that line, Abel has a knack to diffuse it and change the subject to something else. If you want to opt-out, send me a PM, comment here and let me know. Or don't answer his tags, I understand. (;;)

4) *inserts real world Catholic issues here*
Again, please bear in mind, Abel comes from a different futuristic world that suffered a devasting war where humanity and it's civilization are almost completely wiped out. Part of it, comes from his own hand and he's really repenting for that type of his sin. Therefore, his religion/form of Catholicism is not the same as real world Catholicism as it has evolved and changed in some way and form. In other words, Abel came from an AU version of Earth. However, the religion is similiar in beliefs, but the hierarchy and role in the world's politics has changed.

5) Are you open to shipping/dating? Castmates you want?
He's open to dating/shipping anyone outside his canon, need to let me know if that's your intention so please drop me a PM on this journal or on my plurk. As for castmates, they're always loved, but I wasn't particularly looking.

At [community profile] thewake, he is open.

At [community profile] genessia, he is somewhat open, but can be change his mind.

On dressingrooms or PSLs, he is open.
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Even shorter bio for the canon blind or lazy

  • Abel is 976 years old, a vampire that feeds on other vampires, has silver hair, blue eyes, wears glasses, tall at around 6'4''. He generally wears his Catholic priest robe as his uniform. Abel technically isn't religious and doesn't practice what the Vatican preach, as he just works on a special department and unit to carry out missions. So his Father is a title only. If anything, he's largely agnostic.

  • *spoilers* Canon: In the manga, taken up to the point where his twin brother Cain decapitated him. *in dressingrooms/[community profile] genessiaonly:* As the result, there's a thin hideous scar around his neck in a full circle.

  • Abel will get nervous to fight in his normal form and is slightly combat phobic due to the trauma of being left out to die on Mars by the colonizers via oxygen deprivation and in addition, he was forced to kill his own brother and watched him die with the help of his sister Seth by pushing him into the airlock and dropped him and watched him turned to ashes on the high fall down to Earth's. atmosphere While he's a sharp shooter and has good aim, he gets nervous having to kill anyone (due to his past as Contra Mundi during the Teran wars) even if it's for the greater good

  • In Crusnik form, the alien nanonmachines 02 personality will take over. It refers itself as "We". The entity sees Abel as it's host and kept Abel alive for 950+ years. Abel can control the power level of 02 via verbal command, but for really strong opponents, he starts at 40% which is enough to kill a vampire.

  • Abel enjoys sweets, acts foolish to avoid heavy situations, and will act incompetent. He enjoys acting this way to hide the guilt of his past from other people. He wants people to see him as a silly priest who really cares about humans (Terrans) and his only wish is to protect them and protect the peace.

  • Everything of this Abel is canon, unless I throw him in AU situations.

    About his Crusnik form/powers
    When he transforms to his Crunik form, a pair of black feathered wings will come out of his back, his eyes turned red, his hair flows up, and he'll be in a trance where 02 takes over. He will have that fallen black winged angel look. He usually starts at 40% power, and has a slight grip on his sanity and some control, healing takes place, his strength/speed increases, but Abel is able to control this power for a period length of time without draining himself too much.

    At 80%, which is the highest level, he can form bioelectric fields that is enough to destroy a heavily armored tanks, healing of any broken limbs is instantaneous, and etc. While he is damned near indestructible at this point, he also goes berserk and attack everyone including friends and allies, as at this power level, he loss his grip on reality. He cannot hold this power for long, and holding this high power takes a lot of energy. When he reverts back to his normal form, he'll be extremely exhausted and need a lot of naps and food with rest.

    Abel fears loosing his sanity and his control over his other Self, 02 whenever he used his crunik powers.

    Canon in brief
    Or Mun hilariously try to abridged Trinity Blood. You can find more right here:

    In Trinity Blood, Abel Nightroad is a Crusnik, a vampire's vampire meaning he feeds on other vampires. However, he can only feed on the vampires, the Methuselah, have been infected by the Kudlak Bacillus, which were created by Krusnik nanomachines aliens as their food.

    The truth of the Abel's Crusnik vampirisim is that in actuality, it is an entity named 02, an alien nanomachine who inhabits Abel as it's host, that is found on the planet Mars. The Crusnik nanomachines as an alien race have existed for billion of years, travelling the universe, searching for hosts and its ship, the Ark has crashed-landed on Mars, which is found by Mar colonies that Abel's siblings was in charge of.

    900 years ago, when Earth is overpopulated, the Nations created 4 test tube children to send to Mars as part of the Mars colonization project, and they are genetically altered to survive Mar's harsh environment and work on the mission to terraform the planet as a second home for the overcrowded planet back home.

    Abel is one of the 4 genetically enhanced test-tube children in the space project. The Eldest is Cain, the third is Lilith, and the Fourth is Seth. During his stay on the Mars colony, Abel is injected with the Crusnik nanomachines.

    War broke out between the Colonizers (who become vampires due to the virus and eventually evolved as Methuselah) and Earth people (The Terrans) for supremacy of the planet. Young Abel at the times hated humans due to the fact that as a genetically made human, he was originally Cain's clone and he was intended to be a spare donor in case anything wrong happened to Cain.

    Abel (02), Cain (01), and Seth (03) sided with the Colonizers, and killed millions of people (Terrans), which earned him (and his brother) the name Contra Mundi ("enemy of the world"). He had been called "a God of slaughter", "God of Carnage", and even a "God of Destruction."

    While Lilith (04) tried to save the Terrans and bring peace between both sides. Abel over time changed his mind due to his love for her, however Cain (who went completely mad/insane due to being injected 100% nanomachines and fused with too much power), killed her lying under the guise of wanting truce. Having no choice, Abel and Seth killed Cain by shoving him out of the airlock and watched him burned in Earth's atmosphere, and thus ended the war. Afterward, in grief, madness, and despair, he willed himself to a sleep-like death/coma in Lilith's catacomb tomb for over 900 years...until Caterina of the Vatican woke him up and found him.

    The Trinity Blood timeline in the manga started with Abel Nightroad is 976 years old, working for the Vatican for ten years. Trying to over his violent hatred against the Terran's, he adopted Cain's ideas for a better Earth and future (before his personality was destroyed by 01) and Lilith's idea for peace. Seth (03)is the Empress of the Methuselah empire.

    His background as written in the anime DVD booklets states the following:

    "The second Nightroad son, born to be leader of the Mars colonists. He is the second "Crusnik." He is a Commander of the Alliance Aerospace Navy, and the General Security Supervior of the Mars Colonization Project's Administration; his ID is UNASF94-8-RMOC-666-02-ak. Hates himself for being "expendable goods" for the colonization project, is pessimistic about the future, and curses humanity. Inside the Ark, he caused all sorts of problems. Talking to Lilith calms his wild heart, but...

    He despises humanity. He tries to burn the world, using the power of the "ark"..."
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    Backtagging: Encouraged!
    Threadhopping: I preferred you don't, it breaks the flow of the thread.
    Fourthwalling: Try to keep this to a minimum.
    Offensive subjects (elaborate): Anyone who threaten the peace for all, the pacifists father will do his best to persuade to a more pleasant subject.

    Hugging this character: Sure! He'll gladly hug back
    Kissing this character: Sure~, he'll blush and get embarrassed but wonder why you did it
    Flirting with this character: Abel enjoys flirting back, but he'll feel really bad at doing so
    Fighting with this character: Yes, but he'll get nervous fighting, but he's willing to protect everyone. Mun said go ahead and FIGHT ME YOU HERETIC
    Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, he can be a bit of a masochistic, just no torture or mutilation or tearing off the limbs
    Killing this character: I have to say no, I don't like character death.
    Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: You can try, but he won't like it. Just let me know ahead if that is your intention.

    brb wip
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